National Wine Day


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Hi Darlings,

I know it’s been a while but I’m back. I had to take some personal time off due to being sick with the flu and bronchitis while juggling plethora of different tasks. Now I’m back, stronger and better and ready to dive back in and share my tips and lifestyle with you.

It’s no surprise that every year I celebrate National wine day. I mean it’s like having a second birthday of the year being recognized around the world with lots of wine tasting, pairings, fun and laughter. Speaking of laughter, check out the Netflix movie Wine Country. It’s the perfect movie for National Wine Day; and as long as you’re 21 and older,  just grab a glass, pour, and have a blast because it’s the perfect day to let the good times roll and wine about everything-if you must! 😉

To me, wine and food pairings are an art and science with countless variations. Today I went wine tasting which was so much fun. The variety of deliciousness was exquisite. I am planning on pairing this Rose of Pinot Noir with my grilled lobster and Pasta that I’m cooking for dinner tonight. I can already taste the exhilarating, beautifully fresh and vibrant aromas.  Do you have any fun traditions for National Wine Day? If so, share them below.

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Where To Shop For The Best Holiday Costumes and more..


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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

It’s Officially almost winter and Christmas is right around the corner so I have been seriously obsessed with Hot Cocoa, Watching Christmas movies, binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy, Holiday Parties and Holiday Shopping. Speaking of Holiday Shopping, I know that some of you haven’t even started yet, LOL believe me, my husband is in the same boat-he’s such a last minute shopper-so you’re not alone. 🙂

When it comes to getting all the fun decors and Christmassy costumes, Fancy Dress Worldwide is a great place to checkout. P.S. They have so much more to offer such as Halloween Costumes, NYE accessories and Children’s costumes just to name a few. Both costumes pictured in this post are two of my  favorites during this time of year. You will find those costumes as well as the balloons and the Santa and snowman honeycomb decorations on their site. This brand has easily become one of my favorite go-to- online spots so definitely check them out and let me know what you think. Now off to wrap some more presents and play family board games with hubby and our little girls. Happy Holidays my darlings.


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MyFashionBible X BCP




Hi Darlings,

I’ve partnered up with my friends over at Best Choice Product to bring you my review on this 5-piece pinewood Dining set. I easily fell in love with this set because it was simple and minimal with a vintage vibe. Most of you already know we just relocated again recently at the end of December, so we are still in the middle of unpacking countless boxes, painting the girls room and pretty much redecorating. So this Dining set came just in time and fitted right in. Not sure how it will fit with our planned decor but we’ll see. It’s such a versatile kitchen and dining set and very suitable if you are on a budget or live in a smaller place.


Assembling was pretty fun and took my husband just about an hour and fifteen minutes. Hubby and I decided that we will turn this into our little breakfast nook since the dimensions aren’t big enough for our family gatherings and having dinner etc. I can’t wait to finish decorating this area so I can update you guys with decor setup. Another thing I liked about this set is that its minimal and great for a small family with children. The pinewood finish makes it so easy to clean up any mess so you wouldn’t have to worry about stain buildup. Thats always a plus when children are involved. I know other moms can relate to that. Furthermore, the table and chairs are very strong and the overall quality is decent.

Have you every shop with Best Choice Products before? I’f not, you’re totally missing out!  They’re very affordable, free shipping and fast delivery. Have a great rest of the week guys.





Skin Love Saturday


Hi Darlings,

I’m back! 🙂


I decided to take a break from my blog once I was diagnosed with the flu back in December, right before Christmas Eve. I literally needed that break and it was so overdue. Most of all, I’m really glad to finally get over the flu in the past couple weeks because darling it was awful. Its great to take a break for self once in a while so you can focus on just you and reevaluate, meditate and re prioritize things.


Last weekend, I started a new series on my instagram #SkinLoveSaturday which I will be posting there and here about all my skincare essentials, while providing you skincare tips and natural remedies to facilitate with improving your skin/skin conditions such as acne etc. I’m super excited about this because I love taking care of my skin from the inside out. Speaking of skin, one of the most FAQ’s that people ask me is what is my skincare regime? I’ve spoken about this exact same question two years ago so I think its time to revisit and let my new supporters know my number one skincare line.

I’ve been using Dermalogica for 15 years and it has always kept my skin looking flawless. Dermalogica is literally my holy grail. I was first introduced to it by one of my best friends, Adoria, and I haven’t stopped using it till this day. It’s one of the best things that ever happened to my skin. What I really love about their products is that they aren’t tested on animals, and you can see results as immediately following the first use. I remember when I first tried it and I recall telling Adoria: “Omg! I can’t believe how amazing my skin feels right now… it’s so soft.” It felt hydrated and within the first week I threw out all the other stuff I was using and replaced it with all Dermalogica Skincare products.

The special cleansing gel, skin prep scrub, multi-active toner and skin smoothing cream are my main go to daily essentials. I love how calming and refreshing the gel is on my skin which is very soothing. The toner is like a great moisturizer prep. It hydrates my skin so good and the skin smoothing cream asborbs so much better once you apply this. Lastly, the skin smoothing cream has great antioxidants, promotes elasticity and leaves my skin feeling smooth and looking flawless. Keep in mind that their are so many different skin types out there, so you might need something different from me. No problem there because dermalogica also carries different lines for your skin needs. Skin can also change depending on the season. My skin type is “combination” but mostly dry in the winter. Check out all the amazing products they carry on their website to fit your skin type.

I will talk about more of their products that I use in other upcoming posts; like the gentle cream exfoliant, one of my absolute favs-I use it once a week. I’m really picky when it comes to testing out new skincare from other brands but I have tried others some works, some don’t. Dermalogica have never failed me and it will always be my number one. Remember, take care of your skin from within. Eating healthy, drinking plethora of water, exercising and eating loads of tomatoes makes taking care of your skin on the outside so much easier. Have a great weekend my loves.


#SkinLoveSaturday Tip : Eating Watermelon can help reduce acne breakouts and keep skin healthier.


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Unwind With Quick Zip




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Hi Darlings!

It has been such an amazing, relaxing yet fulfilled Sunday! Spent the day unwinding on my Luxury Quick Zip Fitted Sheets. I have FALLen in love with this Brand. I really appreciate that the process to make the bed was so efficient. I think this collection is very beneficial for moms on-the-go, very convenient and hassel-free. Especially when you have a huge bed that takes up most of the Square footage in the room lol. Not to mention, it is so minimalistic, clean and comfortable.

Guess what? As soon as I made the the bed, baby Isabella ran into our room, rushed on the bed and started jumping on it. Typical toddler behavior except she grabbed her pretend microphone and asked me to sing “True Colors” with her. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen us in action.  Here are some of the key features you should know prior to purchasing your new Quick Zip Sheet:

Luxe Fitted Sheet Collection features:

  • Better fit for better comfort
  • Vertical elastic in corners and a generous overlap underneath keep base snug
  • Won’t pop off the mattress
  • Zipper is covered and out of site
  • Easy access corner zipper start location
  • Get it right the first time – no more guessing which corner is which
  • Easy handling with large zipper pull ribbon loop
  • Luxurious 400-thread-count sateen 100% cotton that is soft and smooth against your skin with a subtle sheen
  • Deep pocket fitted base

You can save 15% OFF your orders by using the code “QUICKZIP15” through October 31st so hurry before its too late. P.S. If you’re eyeing my Creme filled pumpkin gobs and homemade spiced latte, I don’t blame you. It was absolutely delicious. How did you Spend your Weekend? Did you go to a pumpkin Patch? We sure did! More coming up on that story…


I hope you all enjoyed this beautiful Sunday.


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Tula Skincare Review


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Hey Guys,

Happy Sunday Darlings!

As promised on my Instagram a few weeks ago, I’m here to give you my review after using Tula’s Products.

Tula products combine probiotics with other skin friendly superfoods to naturally balance and boost the health of your skin. What I love most about these products is they’re so gentle and did not dry my skin out. I loved using the exfoliating treatment mask the most. It’s so good to be honest and felt amazing against my skin. It left a smooth finish and the texture is perfection personified. I used it 2x a week. Since I’m very picky with my skin and rarely use anything other than my main skincare products I shared with you all, I am elated to have tried Tula Products and extremely satisfied with the texture and hydration effect it had on my skin. If you are looking to balance and hydrate your skin, this skincare line is a great start.

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GREAT & Affordable Hair mask


Exclusively available at Old Navy.

Hi darlings;

Happy Friday!

I wanted to share one of my latest hair care products with you. One thats affordable and works great. I mean what girl doesn’t like that combination? It’s a new therapy session hair mask from EVA-NYC, and it smells absolutely incredible to me. I use it as a deep conditioning treatment but this week i’ve been trying it out as a daily conditioner which works well. It repairs and strengthens dry and damaged hair, leaves your hair soft and manageable and its enriched with Argan oil and keravis protein complex. Be sure to pick yours up at Old Navy.

Eva-NYC’s entire line is really amazing. Just check it out for yourself. Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend. Thank you to those incredible Men and Women who served our country!


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Apothederm Adult Acne Treatment (Review)




AFTER (7DAYS Results)


AFTER (7 DAYS Results


AFTER (7 DAYS Results)

Hello Darlings!

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful moms around the world. 🙂

Today I wanted to do a follow-up of my weekly results after using Apothederm Acne Clarifying Treatment. I know I don’t have terrible skin but sometimes my skin get breakouts and I have to deal with it when it happens. In this particular case, I’ve been a bit stressed and overwhelmed because, what busy mommy and wife isn’t right? And when you make a big life changing decision stress tend to crawl its way right in. Bottom line is, no matter how good your skin is, stress will cause breakouts among plethora of others things like hormone imbalance. Thanks to Apothederm’s latest acne treatment, I saw results in just a week…

If you look at the before photo, you can see that my skin was breaking out a little around my cheek and chin area. Now I’m not saying its a huge difference but it did start the process and, most, if not all those little problems are now gone. This two-in-one treatment reduces the appearance of blemishes and eliminate breakouts. I could actually see a difference in the size of my pores. As most of you may already know, It’s always very difficult for me to try anything new when it comes to my skin, but I’m glad I tried this product because it has helped balanced my skin and its so absorbing. During the entire week of testing the treatment, I made sure not to utilize any other products because I wanted to truly see if it would work on its own. Plus it’s not always good to mix products on your skin especially if you have sensitive/acne-prone skin.

The last three photographs are my after results taken in my room with natural lighting from the window- at a couple different angles. I wanted you to truly see my natural skin in its natural state. After cleansing and applying the product to my skin, it was so gentle and felt like milk. I only used it twice a day. Morning and night. You can apply up to three  times a day. As with any products, you have to know your limit. What works for one person is not guaranteed to work for everyone else. This honestly worked for me. 🙂

Have any of you guys tried this product before? If so let me know in the comments.

As Always,

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Baby Spa


Baby Spa is available online, in select stores and Amazon in a week.

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Hey Darling Momma’s,

Happy Wine-day, I mean Friday! ; ) Right now I’m literally holding baby Isabella in one arm as I type this with one hand. This is the true definition of a multitasking mama. Anyways, I wanted to share with you all some amazing baby products that I was gifted for my baby girl and oh my goodness they work absolutely great. Baby Isabella enjoys it so much and they smell so gentle and clean. Are you familiar with Baby Spa? No worries.. I’m here to tell you all about it. Just Keep reading…

Baby Spa is a natural  baby skin care line, the idea behind their products is to bring old age wisdom (and those amazing natural ingredients) to today’s babies and parents. Their collection contains over 30 nourishing ingredients, carefully selected for babies unique properties. Each formulation combines ECOCERT certified ethnobotanicals traditionally used by ancient native Americans  proven to soothe and heal delicate skin.

All of their products are natural and 100% free of harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates mineral oil and BPA’s. BabySpa is available online and in select stores and they will be launching on Amazon next week.

Be sure to check out their products and let me know how it worked out for you. Have a wonderful weekend darlings. Happy Mothers Day to all the amazingly incredible mommies out there. xo





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GET Freshly


First Time users: Use Code nocook639 to get $20 off their 6 meal Plan. Keep in mind these are Chef-Cooked meals being delivered to you. Photography by Natasha Recasas.


Hey Guys;

It’s Thursday and the weekend is almost here. Thanks to Get Freshly, I can skip the meal-prepping, cooking and cleaning all weekend with these amazing Chef-cooked meals hand delivered to my front door today. I mean, what mom doesn’t appreciate some freshly delivered meal? And lucky for us we actually save time and energy when we have options like these.

I love how it came well-packaged safely and fresh in a cooler. Not to mention it’s so easy and quick to serve. Today I had the chicken Livorno and boy oh boy it was so delicious. I’m sure you can tell by the picture I took that it also smelled amazing. I’ll update you on how the other meals I received taste in future posts. Have a wonderful weekend darlings! 🙂




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