Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Hi babes,

Since Mother’s Day is pretty much right around the corner, I wanted to give you some gift ideas that fits just about every budget. I will be sharing my TOP5 Best Mother’s Day Gifts. When seeking out the best mother’s Day gift, it takes planning and can be quite the thought process which is better than anything last minute if you asked me. A mother is so dearing and the utmost important being in our lives and just for that alone, she deserves the best. Not necessarily saying that its all about the gift, because the gift of presence is much more important to me. That doesn’t mean that us moms doesn’t love to be showered with thoughtful gifts and sometimes, the quality and luxurious kinds.



I mean what Mom doesn’t love a great feminine time-piece thats both effortless and classy? Especially watches that are versatile, functional, affordable and features Swarovki crystals with diamond-accent like the one I’m wearing by Anne Klein. Its the perfect on trend accessory and the perfect Mother’s day gift without having to break the bank. She can also go for a special engraved “mama” necklace or charming earring set.



See, this is where I also fit lol. As a mom, I’m constantly snapping pictures of my baby girls or creating some aesthetically pleasing content for a brand on both my DSLR or iPhone or simply photographing nature and satisfying sceneries. Making memories is one of the most fun and beautiful thing to me, so having a good quality camera and/or phone is very prominent. Bottom line is, Mom’s love taking pictures and always will so gifting your mother a nice compact camera (can range anywhere from 120- 1k+) is definitely an option worth exploring. Not to mention, she will always treasure this type of gift.




This genre is totes amazing! Every year, handbags are very popular gifts for Mother’s Day. I can see why. What woman doesn’t like a nice bag? Me, I love a good quality handbag and believe me its not always about splurging. You can get your Mom a nice quality designer bag such as this gorgeous tote from Coach, or this little number from Nordstrom or even this fabulous stunner from Michael Kors. These are all under $500 You’re still getting quality without splurging too much. Speaking of Splurge, theres nothing wrong with investing in a luxurious designer bag for me, I mean mom lol If you do splurge, I recommend two of my favorite hot pieces you can check them out here and here.



If your mom is a coffee or tea lover, she would probably love to have some new coffee mugs, expresso machine and/or fancy little tea pot set. This sort of gift is very thoughtful, simple and affordable. Does your mom like coffee or tea?



Ok, maybe this one has my name written all over it too. lol Especially if I get to have an unlimited budget. lol Let me remove myself from the equation and continue. Moms love to be treated like a queen, after all, they deserve it for bringing us into this world and putting up with us in every way shape or form. Whatever your budget is, she will enjoy spending time picking out something she really like or always wanted. She may very well be the splurging type or very modest and old-fashioned. This way, she can pick out that skincare product on her own without having the thought of getting old come across her mind; if she decides to get that anti-wrinkle cream you were planning to get her, but wasn’t sure how she’d react to such gift. She may also want to grab some designer shoes, home decor item, who knows. Either way, shopping spree will never go out of style for women, especially moms.


…AND If your mom is far away due to distance/separation, you can go on a road-trip and drive up to see her, send her a thoughtful card and hand-written letter (Yes, people still do that!) or have some gorgeous fresh Teleflora bouquet hand-delivered to her that will instantly put a smile on her face. Remember, Love will always find a way.  Don’t forget to call your Mom and tell her you love her. Don’t wait until Mother’s Day.






Transitional Basics


Despite Spring making its presence, the weather has been extremely unpredictable this year round which made it easier for me to stick with my layering techniques, outermost jackets and sweater dresses. One thing I love about this knit dress is the breatheability of the fabric so it feels lightweight, looks chic and an easy transitional winter-spring ensemble.


This little number was perfect for me to wear to a day filled with meetings. It can also pass for a common practice street-style look or an easily put together fashion editor style by adding the chicest pair of Celiné sunnies and the perfect statement earrings. And a statement heel doesn’t hurt either, especially when they match your earrings.


Speaking of earrings, Statement earrings are one of my favorite ways to accessorize. It can transform a simple look or your everyday ordinary look and instantly elevate your outfit. By the way, check my instagram to see how you can score these exact special edition hand made, delicate stand-out statement earrings.


Sunglasses: Celiné Bag: Karl Lagerfeld Shoes: Betsey Johnson Earrings: Ana Luisa (see more details on Instagram)


Shop my dress on sale here. Happy Shopping!

Until next time…






Farewell Autumn + iPhone 8 Giveaway


TOP: Here (40% OFF Now!!); BOTTOM: Marc Jacobs; OTK BOOTS -My Black Suede is SOLD OUT (Grey Suede on sale now for 40% OFF- Here); BAG: Zac Posen; WATCH: Daniel Wellington;


CURRENTLY LISTENING: Cyndi Lauper: True Colors


Hi, Darlings

As Autumn begins to slowly fade, Winter is quickly approaching. I’ll miss all of the beautiful colorful Trees as they burst in beauty with their crunching, crinkling leaves. Not to mention pumpkin spice and everything nice. In the midst of it all, I try to embrace the changes, the new season coming, us moving into a new home, hubby’s and I marriage anniversary and awaiting Christmas in a winter wonderland. It’s like a new adventure is beginning all over again.



This loose knit sweater is perfect and it comes in three different colors. I went up a size to have more of a bigger oversize fit. This is my favorite color of the three for the current season. It’s so cozy and look just as good in person. You can dress it up and wear it or casually with jeans or joggers. P.S. It’s currently almost 50% OFF so better grab it before its gone.

I’m slightly becoming addicted to my OTK Boots that I’ve been wearing them on repeat. Unfortunately they sold out quicker than Usain Bolt but there are a few sizes still left in the grey which I also have. Its such a pretty soft color and can be worn both in Fall and Winter. Just keep in mind they aren’t snow boots. haha


Since Christmas is right around the corner, what better way than team up with a few of my blogger babes for a Holiday Giveaway just for you guys. Raise your hand if you want a new iPhone 8. Enter Below!

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Keep It Classic


TOP: Asos; BOTTOM: T Bags Los Angeles; OTK BOOTS: Steve Madden; BAG: Valentino; HAT: Zara; WATCH: Daniel Wellington; BRACELET: Links Of London; SCARF: Target;




Hello My Darlings;

Hope your week is going swell! We have been so busy packing and cleaning for our next move which is happening very soon. Things are a bit chaotic and I find myself feeling overwhelmed and drained. My schedule is even more busier than ever now in addition to many new collaborations. Can’t wait to move into our new home and finally settle in. While moving can be stressful, it can also be fun, exciting and a new adventure.




I wore this look to the bookstore for a cafe date with hubby outside. It was perfect! I’ve been obsessed with berets for as long as I know; even more when Faye Dunaway rocked it the coolest in Bonnie & Clyde. Dressing up a classic black beret with a basic white turtleneck and monochrome printed skirt makes for an effortlessly chic French look. My otk boots was the icing on the cake. The Perfect Fall Staple. I’ve also styled basic tops with ripped denim and heels for a more casual polished look.


Speaking of Polish, I hope you guys aren’t getting tired of my Valentino Bag. I mean, its my favorite bag although I have some other coveted ones in my wardrobe, nothing compares to this one-yet! Sometimes I even turn it into a diaper bag.. it fits everything. Most of the time, I forget to change handbags because I’m so used to this bag and I’m always on-the-go. I know I can’t be the only one in the world with this problem. Do any of you have a favorite bag that you almost carry everywhere? How is the holidays coming along for you? Is your tree up and decorated yet? I love Christmas season. xx


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The Perfect Oversized Sweater


SWEATER: Here; SKIRT: Marc Jacobs; SHOES: WhoWhatWear (linked in some previous post) BAG: Valentino; CHOKER: Lulus;


CURRENTLY LISTENING: The Cranberries- Linger




Hello Darlings;

How was your Thanksgiving break? This year we decided to stay home and not travel to extended family members since we are in the middle of moving again. Speaking of moving, I’m pretty excited about relocating. I mean, it comes with being an Army Wife. Elated to start yet another new journey with my beautiful family. P.S. If you watched my Instagram Story, then you saw that we made cornish hen with rosemary and took a break from the Turkey this year. It actually turned out pretty great.. 🙂



Whoever said pom poms are only a summer-spring trend must have never seen me rock pom poms in the fall-winter. The obsession with this sweater began when I posted a preview shot of this look to my Instagram. I mean, I can understand why. This oversized  sweater has become one of my favorite wardrobe staple. It’s very versatile and can easily be dressed up or down. I prefer effortless looks so I styled it with a black wrap mini skirt and black velvet booties. It’s definitely a fashion must-have item. It comes in navy blue and grey-they sell out fast and will be restocked soon so just keep checking.



Whenever you go for a bold statement sweater, lose the jewelry or keep it minimal as possible. You want the sole focus to be about that statement piece. For a casual, relaxed look, pair it with a classic fit Levis jeans or whatever minimal brand jeans your prefer. Add a simple, white long sleeve shirt to your oversized knits/pullovers for an edgy-meets tomboy look.



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8. Track Suits (50%OFF)


10. 40% OFF EVERYTHING Here plus additional 20% OFF Sweaters/Outerwear.


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CLassic Parisian Autumn Style


DRESS: Zara; SWEAT-SHIRT: Here; BOOTS: Nordstrom (3years old); BAG: Valentino; BERET: SOLD OUT; WATCH: Daniel Wellington; SCARF: Badgley Mischka; LIPSTICK: Here; Photography By Hubby


CURRENTLY LISTENING: Autumn (Ryan Stewart -Equanimity)


Hi Darlings!



Time has flown by so fast lately. In the blink of an eye Autumn is slowly fading, the leaves have fallen and Winter preparations had soon begun. I’m not ready to give up the crisp air, bonfires, pumpkin spice latte; the smell of autumn as I dance in the breeze and watch the wind twirl my hair -while the leaves speaks bliss to me. What a bittersweet moment in time, as I sit here, sipping some hot tea, reminiscing as I type this. If only I could pause Autumn in its richest and ripest phase. It’s my happiest season. Now we will be parting soon..



Thankful for kicking pneumonia’s ass!

Thankful for my incredibly amazing Husband

Thankful For My beautiful babies

Thankful For Mom and Dad

Thankful for Great Genuine Solid Frienships

Thankful For Shelter, Food, Water.

Thankful For Gods Creation, beautiful Nature, Autumn.

Thankful For Great Foundations That help those in need.

Thankful To provide a family with a full turkey dinner and give back… just because!

Thankful For you all, my supporters/believers/ readers/followers.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend!


Thanks For Reading! 😉





Spotlight Trends: Oversized, Berets & Velvet.


DRESS: ZARA (Sold out); SHOES: Here; BERET: Here; BAG: ZARA (sold out) WATCH: Kate Spades; SUNGLASSES: Valentino; JEWELRY: Kendra Scott Jewelry;




Hello Darlings,

So I’ve been mia for a short while here on the blog due to being under the weather. Very few people, as in close friends knew why. I was diagnosed with Pneumonia so I needed to take a break and focus on my well-being. I’m back because my progress is better and I’m just way to driven and persistent to stay away too long. Nonetheless, I do value my health and its indeed my top priority so lets not get it twisted.

I’ve wanted to share with you all this look from a couple weeks ago, especially since i’ve gotten plethora of questions about it initially on my Instagram. I’m big on oversize clothing in the Fall season, specifically oversize dresses, sweaters and jackets. Most of the time, they make great transitional pieces into Winter. Unfortunately, this oversize dress got sold out faster than Usain Bolt! Sadly, it came in three colors and they’re all gone. Hope you managed to snag one from when I first asked you to- in previous post, where I was wearing the other colors.

I’ve been rocking mustard and deep autumnal colors on repeat. You may have noticed this already on my Instagram. I love creating my own color palette like I did here without following the norm. I’m always brainstorming and inventing my own color combination. It’s an even greater feeling when you guys told me how much you loved it on my Insta.

Beret is one of my favorite hats to wear during the season. They’re so Parisian and chic and makes a great addition to almost any looks. Not to mention, they’re one of the most requested- trendy hats for the season. I have many different berets and colors for the remainder of autumn, even some to crossover with during the Winter season. If you know me, you already know I’m huge on Parisian Fashion so this will come to you as no surprise.

Velvet is so last season, NOT!!! You may have spotted some of the best velvet looks on the 2017 Prada Fashion Show. You will normally see this trend quite a bit during the Fall-Winter, whether clothing, shoes or accessories. I’m already pre-planning some of my velvet winter looks, especially for the Holidays. What about you guys? Are you loving the return of the velvet trend?


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Downtown Casual-Chic


TOP: Here; JEANS: Here; SHOES: Here; VEST: Alex + Alex (sold out); SCARF: Here; BELT: Michael Kors; BAG: Valentino; SUNGLASSES: Tom Ford;


CURRENTLY LISTENING: Jennifer Lopez – Get Right


Hello My Darlings;

I’m so elated that it’s Friday! We are taking the girls to a Trunk or Treat this evening and they are so excited about getting into their Halloween Costumes. Especially baby Isabella. Adrhiana is more excited about collecting the candy that I never let her eat. lol I’m that mom who won’t let my children eat from strangers. I’m just very over-protective..for the right reasons. I’m not big on trusting just anyone.  I’m actually a bit under the weather too; nonetheless, I’m going to push through so they can have a great time.

Alright, so I hope you guys aren’t getting tired of seeing me in these shoes. These boots have easily became my new fav. Seriously, I’ve been wearing them on repeat. They are from the latest Who what Wear collection. I love the versatility they bring-you can effortlessly take them from casual to dressy instantly. Its the perfect fall boots. Now lets talk about this top that everyone on my Instagram thought was the best shirt ever. I mean, I agree. I’m obsessed with Pumpkin Spice and Everything Autumn so its only fitting. Not to mention, I love a good bargain and this is one of those pieces that I love to style and make it look like its worth more than the actual price tag.

I wanted to incorporate neutral shades of grey with minimalistic black, for a casual- chic downtown look. This is basically how I dress when hubby said: “just wear something casual and meet up for a coffee date” lol! By the way, My faux fur vest is probably one of the most wanted pieces in this look but unfortunately, it sold out. Lucky you, I’ve linked a similar style here. P.S. I’m still deciding between 3 things for my halloween costume..still not sure. I want you guys to be astonished so I won’t reveal anything just yet. 😉

Every year I have a fall bucket list. Just thought I’d share this years with you in no particular order below.


1. Style Autumn Looks
2. Apple Picking
3. Create Autumnal Content
4. Read 5 books cozied up
5. Have a campfire
6. Pumpkin Spice Latte
7. Pumpkin Carving
8. Pumpkin Patch
9. Watch Classic Seasonal Movie
10.Fall Festival

11.Cook Thanksgiving Dinner with Hubby
12.Homemade Sweet Potato Pie
13.Trunk or Treat
14.Jumping in the leaves
15.Photographing Fall Foliage


My birthday is in less than two weeks and I also have two photoshoots this weekend so I’m praying this cough won’t try to stop my shine. haha What are you guys dressing up as? Any Trick or Treat Plans? Enjoy your weekend darlings!


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Dress With Frilled Sleeves under $20


DRESS: Zara; BAG: Valentino; SUNGLASSES: Tom Ford; SHOES: Steve Madden; WATCH: Daniel Wellington (Code “GODDESS15” for 15% OFF your order); CHOKER: Bebe;

CURRENTLY LISTENING: Pink-Beautiful Trauma


Hi Darlings,

Todays look is all about this oversize dress that I’ve worn before in a previous post, just a different color. I’m a huge fan of anything with bell sleeves and oversized in the Fall. I’m even more of a bigger Fan when it comes to finding affordable pieces. Remember when I told you that this dress comes in 3 different colors? Well, you probably should have shopped for it then because I just found out that they are all sold out completely. I’ve linked a similar style here under $50-also comes in 3 different colors.

I actually planned to shoot this look 2 ways in one day, but I had to switch up the first way last minute because the weather took a turn and lets just say I was Hot AF pun intended. I went with the camo booties (2nd option) and created an old school side tie detail on the dress and came up with this badass look last minute. I guess sometimes things don’t always go as planed right? 😉 I’m so glad the weekend is almost here. Anyways, gotta run! Baby Isabella is waking up as we speak..


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French Girl Edgy-Chic Style






Hello again Darlings;

I hope your week is going quite well for you thus far. I’m just patiently awaiting those gorgeous leaves to continue turning colorful so I can create some Fall Foliage content. In the meantime, check out todays look. It’s no surprise that I’m obsessed with Parisian Styles, especially in Autumn. You can never go wrong with an all black look, chunky heels and dark lipstick for Fall. Here I’m wearing my favorite Couture color Fall Lipstick by Dior. If you follow my Instagram, you have probably seen me wearing it since the end of Summer. Yes, its that serious! lol P.S My dress comes in three different colors, its a comfortable, figure-flattering fit and you’ve seen me wore one of them here.

These chunky heels (comes in wine, too) are a definite must-haves. Talk about, Chic and comfort at the same damn time. Of coarse they will only benefit you if you can walk well in them. They are my latest wardrobe staple for the season. Not to mention very affordable. But the way my styling is setup, I can make anything look like a million bucks. Remember, its not about the brand, but your style. You’ll see that my beret comes in two beautiful colors. You can catch me wearing the other one in an upcoming future posts. My Coat is from last year and I definitely won’t be retiring this baby anytime soon. My scarf is very cozy yet breatheable which is so important to me. I also have it in grey and burgundy. Effortless to style and will easily elevate your look. Hope you have a wonderful evening dolls.


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