DRESS: Here; BAG: Here; BELT: Here; SUNGLASSES: Tom Ford; BRACELET: Bebe; NECKLACE: Stella & Dot; BOOTS : Zara (2 years old)



Hi Darlings!

I’m back again with another one of my favorite Looks For Fall, All Black Everything! My dress is actually oversized but I wanted to edge it out a bit to fit the look I was brainstorming before having it all come together. My favorite detail about this dress is the frill sleeves. You guys already know I’m obsessed with bold sleeves so this dress was definitely a must have for me. P.S. It comes in three different colors and I have them all.

Black is so minimalistic and effortless, which makes it easy to style. Adding metallics to black will always add an instant edge and elevate your look. This mini tote bag is perfect for fall. It pairs well with dresses, denim and jumpsuits. My necklace has the perfect layering and can be worn 4 different ways. From simple basics to bold garments, this Stella Dot piece is perfection. My Corset Belt added the final touch to this look. Don’t worry, I linked it for you guys too. I had so many questions about it on my Instagram. Have a great day lovelies.


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