All Black Everything


TOP & BOTTOM : Fenty X Puma; BAG: Valentino; CHOKER: Bebe; SUNGLASSES: Tom Ford; SHOES: Amazon; (link is no longer active; (Similar here);


Hey Guys;

So glad it’s almost Friday! Wooohoooo!!!

I love an all black look no matter what the season. It’s my go-to- polish ensemble while adding a bit of edge to stand out. You guys know how much I love wide leg high-waist pants and bold sleeves. I think they will never go out of style and if they do I’ll be the one to make the comeback lol By the way, speaking of style, I know the Gucci Princetown leather slipper is a huge trend right now. If it’s on your wishlist great, but until then you can pick up dupes just about anywhere lately. I’ve linked the most affordable yet polished one for you guys above. There’s other stores like Zara and Asos where you can find an affordable dupe as well. What is your go-to-look?

Hope you guys have a wonderfully fierce and happy weekend. 🙂

Thank You For Visiting!





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