Backyard BBQ Style


TOP: Free People; BOTTOM: Marabelle; SHOES: Tory Burch; BAG: Valentino; SUNGLASSES: Dolce & Gabbana; SCARF: Versace;

Currently Listening: Toploader 00’s Party Mixtape “Dancing in the moonlight”

Hey Guys;

This has been the Monday-est, Tuesday Ever! I mean with the long holiday weekend I was a bit thrown off my regular task today. Nonetheless, I managed and here I am closing the day out with my Memorial Day Weekend look.

So these embroidered fringe denim short was definitely one of the most fun thing about this look. The fringe details are so darling I love it. They’re perfect for summer and you can also wear them on the beach. Even though I had some comfortable mules stashed away in my bag just in case i had to chase after baby Isabella, I still ended up wearing my Tory Burch high wedge sandals all day.

This top is so comfy and I love the relaxed feel. I styled it off the shoulder and tucked it in to fit the look I was going for. And since I adore vintage classic styles, I had to pull out my retro-esque D & G sunnies. Anyways gotta run! Hope you guys enjoyed your very long weekend:) P.S. I’ll be sharing some more of my trendy makeup picks and amazing skincare later on this week. xo

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