Midweek Makeup Steal

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Hey beauties,

One thing’s for sure, a girl can never have too many make up brushes. Especially nowadays since conturing a full face is so popular. I personally love high quality brushes because they are more durable, softer and easy  to clean. This is exactly why I love BH Cosmetics. In case you aren’t the least familiar with this company-they sell high quality make-up products very affordable. I use their 10 piece set pictured above, to contour, blend and highlight. You won’t believe how amazingly affordable they are. shop this set here. I’m  sure you’ll also run into some other great finds. 🙂 Have a fab day dolls.

Today’s Beauty Tip: Rub a light layer of honey over your face. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Rinse well with hot water. It kills acne. XO

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