Polished Blues

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Happy Sunday Loves!

Spring is in, Summer is almost here and the color blue is going no where. No matter what each season brings or what trends are in, blues will always be on the runways, red carpet and right in my closet. You can always experiment with different shades of blues. My favorite color blue are cobalt and navy, especially when worn monochromatically. They always tend to make a bold statement. Pictured are one of my favorite, highly coveted heels in navy blue by Sargossa. I  love how they’re designed to be both comfortable and classy. Style these with your 9-5, out to brunch or your after 5’s. They’re very versatile. You’ll find a funny or inspiring quote at the bottom of each shoe. It adds so much personality. They also come in a few different colors like khaki and black. The blue might be out of stock but I linked the black ones. You can shop them here.

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Photography by me.

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