Cotton Candy Anyone?





Hey guys;

How’s your weekend going?

Whether you’re having a good or bad day I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t get better than cotton candy. And I don’t mean that sweet, sugary, power-puff cloud that you love to eat at the Carnival or Fair. Although it’s pretty darn good but can we say cavities? Yikes! I’m talking about none other than Chrissy’s Knee high socks that have been featured in Teen Vogue, Lucky Magazine and many more. As you can see, I’m wearing their cotton candy knee high’s. I’m so in love with the beautiful pastel pink and that pop of blue compliments it perfectly. I’m getting spring summer vibes when I wear these which mentally helps me when dealing with the worse parts of winter. These sock are so relaxing, true to size, playful and super fun to have. Pretty sweet socks right? You can shop them here. Now go on and have yourself a fabulous weekend and don’t get too cotton candy crazy out there (in real life). haha


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